Dawn awoke the silence from its deep solace
The strand of bygone quivering from the nightfall wind
Seeking connection for the soul’s release comfort
To console yesterday’s tears and broken embrace
A past has ended as daybreak starts to pave another path.

As the daylight begins to tie a birth of peaceful spirit
A new journey will open to surpass a nightfall
A starting point to hold each other’s dream
A preface of boldness and strength  binding to another hope
To end the dusk of past yet holding to what made it whole.

As the sun shines and rises to a fresh unknown
A renewed strand of life emerges in faith
The twine rebuilt to warm from a cold and painful slumber
To bid farewell and letting go of twilight’s gloom
For yesterday is complete – from today shall bring tomorrow…the NEW DAY!

Good night, Papa Ray….
Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
23 July 2011