The sound of the alarm signalled a start
The clock ticked like humming bluebirds
Its melody echoed like a sweet ballad
I tossed and turned around only to trace a smile
I gazed at the loving stare of courage
I looked through a glare of soul with faith
From within – I saw a moment of calm and a safe solace
And for that moment of surrender – all I needed was to let go.

The stillness of the day as the sun unhurriedly rose to its grandeur
The gentle wind soothed my face with a promise of reverie
As the trees swayed and danced with the song of the breeze
I sensed protection as thoughts lingered with comfort
While in that state, I felt a tender embrace
From then – I realised that moment of strength and hope
For that moment – I know I am towards a journey of something worthwhile.

The journey to finding my purpose – I hope to achieve.
The adventure to living a dream – I aspire to be. 
The discoveries of wonderful memories – I have lived through.
The creation of another treasure – I wish to cherish.
The voyage to set out not alone – but with a hand to steer beside me.
And from this crossing – I travel with blithe in my heart.
With a silent whisper of prayer – an unspoken love song carries us along.          

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
29 Feb 2012