Friday, 14 February Valentines Day
Finally, I can’t wait to give you your gift
As planned, I left it on the coffee table hoping you’ll find it
Tiptoeing, walked to the door so not to wake you up
Left a little earlier than usual so I can leave work early
We have decided to have dinner for two at home
As I am the chef, I am in charge of the menu
As you know your wine, you will be choosing our drink – white, red, rose

The day seem to drag as I await for your call
Time slipping gently – I want to wind it to move faster
Tic toc – I hear it tic in my head as the toc tortures my existence
Can’t help myself from staring at my phone – waiting
Impatient – I am tempted to call you, maybe
Then hesitated – telling myself to wait for a little bit longer
I need some distractions – do something else other than think of you
Waiting can be ruthless when you are expecting something.

I decided to do some work to kick you out of my mind for the meantime
Work became busy – hectic schedules all day
Then I remembered – need to check for any messages
Surprised to realise – “No messages?”
I felt a stabbing pain in my heart – “Didn’t like my gift?”
I felt hurt and betrayed – “Maybe there’s someone else?”
I want to cry and shout as I stared vacantly into nowhere
I started telling myself – “I am sure I will get an answer later on. After all this?”

Going home is hard, I can’t move and scene is starting to play
I imagined different pictures – looked at different angles
Turning the doorkey is heavy – it feels like a movie in slow motion
As I opened the door, there you are with that smile melting me away
In your hand – you held your gift and then I became speechless
The other piece – you are holding the other piece of the puzzle!
I run and hugged you so tight crying – had to ask me to let go so you can breathe
That’s when I remembered the lady saying – “it’s special two of a kind”…you and I are the two of a kind my Sweet Valentine!

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
14 Feb 2014