Walking around the city mall all day
Have been going from one shop to another
Searching for that special gift
Valentines Day is Friday and still can’t decide on a gift
Sure a card will do, I guess but really?
I swear if I don’t get a gift in the next shop, I muttered
Kept scolding myself for doing this last minute
And suddenly something caught my eye
Oh, there you are – found at last!

I hurriedly went inside the store, almost closing time!
Whilst looking inside the glass cabinet – I felt a little disappointed – I can’t touch it then and there
The lady at the store approached me with a smile, ” May I help you?”
I replied with a hint of excitement, “Yes please!”
She opened the cabinet and handed me the item
I felt like a child buying a toy for the first time.
Without a blink I whispered, “Finally!”

At the counter, the lady told me it’s the last of the two items.
I asked why only two and she replied, “Well, it’s two of a kind gift.”
She then guided me to the door ready to close – being the last customer
Curiousity struck me – “Who bought the other kind?”, I wondered
On my way home, I thought of you and smiled.
I felt so proud of myself for finding this gift
I thought of the other kind – then wished whoever gets it will feel so special.

In my head I played a scene – what wrapper to use
Where to put the gift so you can easily spot it
Words to write on the card – of what I truly feel
I imagine you finding your gift as I purposely left it before going to work
I imagine your face lighting up reading the card
I imagine you opening the box and taking the gift out.
I imagine what you would say and how your voice would sound like
Most of all, I imagine you holding the gift – a gift of love everlasting.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
11 Feb 2014