The party is today?
Just saw the post-it reminder on the fridge
What am I gonna wear?
I still have not decided yet, I think!
Panic striken went back to my room
Scouring over my party dresses
Little red, blue, black dress? – choices no end.
Ah, the little black one and strappy stilletos never goes wrong.

Getting ready I feel like a pro
A touch of blush here, masscara there
And to top it all, my favorite red lipstick
Now I’m ready to paint the town red hot
Hop on the taxi – my carriage awaits
Like a chauffeur driven car for a lady with flare
As we drove off the Saturday streets
I can’t help but whisper a prayer of finding a love affair

Arriving I am excitedly greeted at the doorway
Welcoming glass of sparkling wine to flush the hint of shyness
Out in a crowded space the room feels smaller
Out in the corner of my eye another pair stares intently
I turned to find out who but was caught in surprise
The owner of those piercing look is right in front
There’s that mischievous smile that can melt hearts
And that manly voice that can weaken the knees

He introduced himself and asked for a dance
I gave him my name as we walked towards the dance floor
The music’s enchanting as we slow danced
Our bodies moved in every motion of the notes
We talked so little as the song filled our thoughts
Seemed like we are talking in silence
Our minds sending messages in codes.

The music is over, the dance is complete
We found ourselves out in the patio
We talked and talked under the moon lit skies
The stars burning the surface like crystal chandelliers
The place looks secluded as the party has ended
The nightfall is over – a break of dawn has come
Both in one accord got up to leave and thanked the hosts.

Walking along the streets the lamp posts bowed in grace
You held my hand – our fingers entwined
The breeze brushed my face sending chills to my spine
You wrapped your arm around my shoulders as I rest my head on yours
The warmth of your embrace lifting me high
It feels like magic as we stroll the path
For together we have found a love affair to last.

For YOU…
Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
9 Feb 2014