A past – the memory…
A sad hymn can be heard with longing
There’s a rhythm of bleak, broken note holding a tear and wanting
Every beat of the drum echoing through each dark clouds
And every word read a thousand folds of loneliness.
It’s a songird’s soul lost, alone and encased.

The start – a meeting…
A lingering hum sounded like a magical symphony 
The melody glimmers a tone reaching out for someone
Every string of the harp wavering a ray of light
And the language of life forms a written    code of need
The songbird’s soul reborn and holding on from falling.

From now – a voyage…
A whisper of a beautiful song filling the empty piece of the broken chord
There’s a vibration hushing a chime with a promise of harmony
Every stroke of the keys charts an orchestra of a pulsating heart
And there – a poetry shapes in motion and depth 
For the songbird’s soul to rebuild the quietened voice.

And tomorrow – a destination…
A change of a new world and the start of a journey together
That every touch rhymes and speaks a sense of protection
Every blow of the trumpet casts a spell of safe haven
And in silence, a prayer is uttered with a gentle and moving harmony
A songbird’s soul now finding the song of the heart – flying on the wings of ONE free spirit for the ONE pure love!

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
19 Feb 2011