Sat in my solitude uninterrupted
Within the four corners of my bed
I call my solace and my haven
The stillness of the moment collecting my thoughts
The silence proding my soul into deep.

I closed my eyes to hear the sound of air
The tranquil motion of my every breath is sedating
The rhythm of my heart slowly lulls my being
The pulse beating into a euphony of something wonderful
Into a song of happy thoughts.

As the day’s rays warm my face through the window
Outside the buzz of children playing in the streets in their bikes and trikes
While the grandparents shout in worry little ones will fall
Moms peering from the kitchen window with flour on her face baking cookies
Dads washing their cars and playing ball with older sons and little ones

Have you remembered your childhood weekends when school was done
When the week’s hard work is finished
The time to throw ball with dad is not to be missed
The time for baking cakes and cookies with mom
These are the happy days in happy states of Saturday’s fun. 

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
8 Feb 2014.