A Love Story…

Hurriedly towards the train station
I must catch the next train
Walking in strides
Got my train ticket
It fell from my pocket
As I picked it up
Another hand touches mine.

I looked up
You looked down
I smiled
You smiled back
I said thank you
You said it’s okay
Then you walked away towards the exit.

Slipped in towards the platform
I can’t help but smile
I run my fingers through my hair
I felt my face warm and blushing
I thought your eyes was beautiful
I thought your smile was lovely
But I didn’t get your name.

I kept staring blankly at nowhere
My thoughts wandering about you
My mind racing to wondering who you are
Your hand touching mine was electric
I felt a thud of my heart like a drum beat
I felt goosebumps at the back of my neck
Mr. Niceguy has gone by.

Train stopped in front of me
People getting off passing my way
I let them through before hopping in
Then settled in a seat as thoughts rushing my mind
I snapped back to reality
When I felt a stare so familiar
A look piercing through mine

I looked up and you looked down
I smiled and said “Hi”
You smiled back and said “Hello”
You stretched your hand to shake mine
I held your hand and you held mine
That was the beginning of a love story
Of how we have become entwined.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
8 Feb 2014