The sunlit bids farewell to rest making way to the evening’s light
The calmness of the dark lures as the cold breeze filters the air
As the sun’s array fade into space – the world looks subtle yet full of charm
Came a flash to brighten the sundown in soft caress
And glazing through the earth with a spell of enchantment.

As the twilight spread towards the horizon, stars peek and flicker glittering the clouds
The moon bloomed to full existence as stars twinkle and shine  
Spreading radiance to guide the way through the dusky streets 
Like a lighthouse it showers with the promise of fresh unfamiliarity
And gently gather dreams – creating hope to every wish to make.

Starry starry night, let me paint the rainbows throughout the skies
Silver grey clouds covering the world like sparkling eyes
I wish for happiness – filled with love of family and the people I meet
I wish for a good life – wrapped in strength to live each day
Moonlight, moonbright grant my wish I pray
That as I lay down to slumber deep, tomorrow will be another day to keep.  

For my little sister ♡♡♡
Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
30 Jan 2014