Flying in an angel’s wings, with a sparkle of fairy dust 
Eyes widen as it glows with every thought – a silent wish
As the light flickers, it lit through a spot in my heart
It’s brightness arrayed a fear of being alone
It stalked my doubts filling me with emptiness
Clutching a prayer and believing that wishes do come true.

As the sun began to set its course
Clouds round the place with a smile to greet one sign of moonlight
Crickets on choir as the moon entangles with the sun’s brightness
Misty wind carefully blowing to a birth of every daffodils and carnations
Dewdrops fill the pine cones as the leaves of stood in courage
To fill each thought memories of my childhood – with happy thoughts.

As the night birds sing melodies of inspiration, I watched the violet skies
Street lamps lit the paths from strength to strength
Endless shadows of an oak tree echoes  the night as it sways in grace
Carrying my heart to harmonic songs
As the hum of ballads soothes my loss – keeping my sanity
Distracting the night – a life away from you.

I looked straight to a fairy star, I see you with arms stretched out to cuddle my sorrows
As tears trickles and fall on my cheeks, I can feel your hand caressing my face with a promise
My shoulder starts to shrug with fear, I can see a smile – showing a thousand strength
That everything will be alright, as a voice whispers a promise to fill my emptiness
You and I, here are laying awake no matter the distance
You and I, here could be waking up tomorrow I know we are never far.

As I close my eyes tonight –  my knight is there for me
As I sleep tonight – you will come to rescue me from my loneliness
As I dream tonight – you will cradle and hush me from my cries
Tonight as the stars sparkle – a light will guide your way safely back home
My raven who’ll be flying deep into the clouds with persistence
My night wing to hold my every imperfections with gentleness until the morning’s light.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
28 Jan 2014