In my solitude, I hear the hum of raindrops falling by my window pane,
The warmth inside my room is in deep contrast from the outside world,
It seem the wind gushes through every depths of my thoughts,
The breeze trying to echo with my inner emotions,
The darkness of the clouds wanting to tremble my soul,
To overshadow with the glare of will entering in my solace.

In my own world candles are flickering with utmost grace,
The four corners of my room guarding for my safety,
The sound of stillness feeding my thoughts and filling my insights,
As realism paves in it sends wisdom through such a gloomy day,
Redirecting..redefining every strengths beyond the sharpness of each challenge,
Constructing new phases underneath failures and faults.

Peering outside the rain still dancing its way down the road,
The streetlamps remain standing even to threats of their existence,
The sun rays through the gray clouds to fulfill its purpose,
The gleam giving promise of another day entwined with hope,
Ducks flock in shapes of victory as their wings spread out with courage,
Trees come dancing in rhythm clenching deeply in their stance to keep on.

In my silence and at a moment tears trickled in and advancing a shout of letting go,
In my disappointments verge a bulk of hate in my point of weakness,
In my mind the thoughts of unworthiness settled in.. envoking my persistence,
In my heart emotions stirred loosening the grip of faith in my strength,
In my soul there stumbles my will weary and ready to give up,
My spirit drowned..drifting from the dream to grieve my real purpose.

The flicker of lights dazzled my sanctity with optimism on such down state,
The rain showed some signs of valiance through the storm with pride,
Every drop signaling to find another chance of creation and reincarnate,
The wind blowing down my soul with a hope to move on and to believe,
Gazing through it I surmised in enchantment and discovery,
Looking further i’ve found more than just something inside me…a reason.

As the rain kept pouring underneath lie answers to my every questions,
Should it stop or not there still comes another day to make another dream,
Quietly I closed my eyes standing still..i listened to the hymn of a new beginning with a smile,
As the day comes to an the storm calmed down,
I sensed lights have flashed an array of colors with a scent of fulfillment,
Through it all washed away are my pain and wipe my tears away,
Rainbows didn’t hide when it was just there seizing up waiting for someone like me to find it and see,
That life in all its ups and downs, there is but another dream…another hope…another wish to make and just another way to love life again!

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Edited: 27 Dec 2010