I stared blankly at the calming horizon
A glimpse silently captured every inch of my soul and my being
The picture glared with so much enchantment and sweetness
As my thoughts wandered off to places familiar from a lost memory
It captivated a feeling similar to a moment’s past
There’s a sunken feeling of emotion that clinged to an inner truth of the present.

I followed a path leading to a nowhere or a somewhere perhaps
The trail looked inviting as each step went farther
The more I stride, a discovery is witnessed and taken
The further I walked, an adventure of something stepped in
The closer I get, I saw old familiar faces in new fronts
Then came old thoughts becoming a new beginning.

The shimmer of the sun cupped my face with gentleness
The soft breeze of the day softly whispered like a song
The trees danced away in rhythm and stretched each branch with welcome
Begging me to hum an old familiar song in a different melody and phrase
And like a timid girl, I played old games with newness
To keep my spirits high, I’ve drawn pictures and traced beautiful smiles

My thoughts travelled more and more to a distant shore
Feelings stirred up near with my heart beating with a prayer
As I continued the walk, I chose the aisle of challenge
There I’ve found something old in a somewhere and a someone to fill my faceless portraits
There created a pure soul of trust cloaked in purity
To stand the test to the neverending wave of storm of weakness

My journey, it seem not stopping as it moved in loops and twirls
Through the limits of my purpose I have wished and still hoped
Through the silver lines of my joys and sorrows, I’ve managed with courage and love
Realising that thru rain or thru fire, I know I will survive and live
Knowing I have walked above clouds of strength, there stretched is a hand of promise
And if my walk ends I am not worried nor scared
For thru it all I will find at the end the same path where there came you…all over again.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Edited 2011