A Flame of Sunrise


The orange sun rose to its luminous ray
To paint the canvas of the planet’s array
Its gentle shine light the season’s new day
Its soft blaze colour the mantlepiece like an instant replay
With a sliver of magic the blankets gently lay.

The spectre of the clouds converge with heaven’s gates
To trace the angel’s peaceful and sweet gaze
Its presence bind the nature’s mystical make
Its shimmer catches the essence of life’s fate
With a tranquil sense, its sparkle confine a quiet safe.

The beam animate the forest’s delicate spirits
To lull the creatures in their restful merits
Its subdued gleam clasp a flavour of soulful lyrics
Its solemn vigour set its charm to mixed critiques
With a mountain of strength its noble image glitter a promise.

The hint of the blue oceans clutch and hastens wide
To hold close and bear the brightness to its side
Its wave cease the mood to carry a solitary pride
Its movement reflect a kaleidoscope of entrancing tides
And with an enchanted trait its flame welcomes a morning of a brand new life.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
20 April 2011


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