When Tears Starts to Fall


The gloom of the day seem favoring my thoughts,
The silent coldness of my existence enveloping time,
The beat of my heart aggravating every system,
The normal breaths becoming a painful sigh,
And the sweet gentle cuddle becoming a clench of hurt.

Looking back from a yesterday I thought I have done something right
Looking back from a past I thought I have made a better choice
Searching pass I seem to have followed a straight path
Searching slow I seem to have chosen a   solemn promise or a broken vow
Yet I seem to have gained an endless worth of pain.

I closed my eyes to shut reality to form a dream
I clenched my fist to tighten my grip to another hope
I directed my soul to search for something happy…and serene
I imagined my heartbeat to find a connection somewhere
Then I wrestled at stopping the incoming flow of tears slowly dripping.

I fought for my system to find an equilibrium
To somehow find an outlet for the tears not to flow
I tried to pray harder this time to take away the hurt I feel
I summoned for miracles to block out such pain inside me
Just then, there seem nothing I can do and nothing seem to be alright.

I caved in to my thoughts and all the emotions stirring my world
I don’t know if I can still hold on to each teardrop that falls
I’m afraid it may not be enough for me to stop at each pain
When the tears starts falling I may not be able to hope
Coz when a tear drops I know…I am already broken…I’m already drowned.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
27 Dec 2010


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