Gazing through tainted shadows of the searing clouds
My mind swirling..spins to travel to distant shores
Soaring through narrow spaces of time in my solitude in this realm
My soul touching a promise to a nowhere
Of how to reach the place I have always dream to exist – to live loving and to love living!

In my emptiness I’ve searched – met mountains of challenge
Here in front of me (right now) are hills of doubts…valleys of fears towering over my diminished strength for I am not sure if I can hold on
Passing through roads of weakness echoes along my sunken emotions
I seem to be walking through a tunnel of sorrows in curves and hoops
I felt like crossing through a sea of tears stumbling through rocks – in pain and seeing you in pain.

In every travel – it feels like I am lost and in circles trying to find my way home
I wandered through moments and glimpse of hope as I gaze the horizon…there is a beginning
That the journey…your journey continues across thousands of wishes to glimmer on.
There are signs everywhere to carry and redirect through pocketful of courage
So in your flight – fate will shine and destiny lives on a purpose.

As I take each breath, I look at you – a sigh deep within my thoughts
There’s a direction – a hidden strength foumd within you
In my heart – a light I see…as my soul eases in calming hue
In my mind I understood living – my spirit soared beyond the clouds
There is an existence – a realism to live upon the vastness of the skies.

Contemplating with life I saw a sparrow arching its wings with great pride
Looked through it’s eyes I tried searching through its thoughts
Peering through I have sensed courage – I have read a mind full of wisdom
It gave a view that for even a downcasted spirit – in my weakened phyche
A sparrow’s eyes – pierced my soul with a gracious strength of hope to believe – in living!

With every direction I glided with my instinct – collided with my courage
In all aspects – I wondered for reasons but have never found some answers
Somehow I know there will always be another way – somewhere to find my answers
That to some place – I believe you will find a rebirth – renew dreams for every moment and every waking time
For even on broken wings, though on splinted arms – I know you will keep holding on
Entwined with a bond of faith – protected with a love so pure – on broken wings you shall fly and soar again!

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Written: 22 Jan 2011
Edited: 8 Mar 2014