From a wishing well
I thought of something I long to feel
I thought of somewhere surreal
I thought somehow there’s time to steal
And thought of someone holding me safely still.

From a wishing well
I dream of a life for faith to define
I dream of destiny’s summit to climb
I dream of a solemn trust to bind
And dream of a lover’s sonnet to find.

From a wishing well
I pray for a tight and sweet embrace
I pray to live in a serene place
I pray to see your tranquil sweet gaze
And pray to touch your gentle face.

From a wishing well
I hope for special moments to cease
I hope for a soft whisper of promise
I hope to hear your heart beat without a miss
And hope to feel your tender, sweet kiss.

From a wishing well
I wish to dream and keep your heart in mine to grow
I wish – a prayer to heal the past and happy memories to flow 
I wish for our every hope be the guiding flame to glow  
And from a wishing well I wish, “my heart you shall keep and love be contained by you alone.” 

Anja-Mariela G.
17 April 2011