The morning starts with anticipation and fear at the sound of the alarm
The ring can be cast upon as an excitement or a misery
The tictoc echoing like enchantment and poison
And there’s a voice within resounding to harmony and opposition.

The hint of indecision bothers in every angle
The lines of anxiety and nonchalance cross paths
The clamors of wanting clashes the devoid
And the glimmer of hope overlapping despair.

The time slowly pushing to the core with every steady move
A tight grasp to the pillar is either a longing or despise
A stare unto space recollecting the future from a past
And then there’s the emotion of sinking and falling and, floating or flying.

What’s with hello and goodbye? – when often there’s hugging, tugging and deep sighs
When chances are, there can only be the sweetest smile or an unconsolable cry
When options are, could either be a broken heart or blissful soul
If being real means making a choice of such pain or a blessed gain
Then what should hello or a wave of goodbye truly mean?

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
20 Sep 2010