The silence has filled the dawn

As emptiness inhabits the room

There’s a hollow curtain of serenity

And a thought sinks into nothingness

I sensed a quiet grasp of contentment.


In my solitude, I reviewed my thoughts

Maybe there is something there I can find

In my distinct bareness, I re-created my visions

Maybe there is somewhere that I can see

Yet, a blank canvas is what I set my eyes on.


I stared past the whiteness from a frame

Maybe I can fill the void with a speck

I looked deeper through its pale fabric

Maybe I will notice a trail of fragments

But all I can seize is a glimpse of shade.


From the shade, I drew a streak of colour

From the streak, I sketched the element of wonder

From the sketch, I drafted the facets of dream

From the draft, I composed the feature of imagination

Then in stillness, a loving gaze lulls me safely back to sleep…whispering “Hush baby hush, you’re safe.”


Anja-Mariela Gutierrez

10 May 2011