Here I am standing at every creation of a dream – a discovery in motion
The season has once again changed –  shifting and varying its existence
The length of every stage triples the width of trials
At every mounts of challenge – clutched a prayer   
With will – a hope is wielded to every drop of failure
As courage fastens – a reflection of a journey opens up.

Roads seem to show curved signs and arrows – a limitless search
Guiding each path with clues to find from one direction to another
At every step taken behind a critic – a review of the past
At every stride made follows a preacher – teaching the present
At every turn I go comes a judge – an evaluation of the future
As determination strike – a goal for a journey clears up.

The trek seem too long – an endless route
The tracks appear slippery with slopes of uncertainties
I carried on walking – with persistence on my side
That for every step I’ve taken – the past became my lesson
For every stride I’ve made – the present became my guide
For each turn I go to – the future became my inspiration
And as strength ties with faith – a view of a journey which summons with an open arm.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
11 April 2011