Dear God,

There is so much to thank for.  I am grateful for the joys, the extraordinary blessings of every moment.  Thank you for all the wonderful miracles…the beautiful surprises of each day.  


So much has happened the past years and I am sure more are coming this year – the little trials that make me who I am…who you want me to be – stronger!  

I ask for your forgiveness and tender mercy.  Please give me vision to see – a sense to feel, the sensibility to understand and accept with an open mind. 



Thank you for my family – my source of strength and inspiration. Thank you for someone special – who gives me courage and my rock. Thank you for friends – my extra support.  Please keep them safe wherever they may be. Bless and protect them for they are so dear to me – whatever they do from the morning’s first light to the night’s last stars shine.  



God, give me strength to lightly bear my pain.  I have no plans, but let me see, hear and feel –  a precious calm to replace my worries and fears.  Please take away my doubts – replace it with hope and faith seeing life’s beautiful mysteries.  And if your plans are better than mine and that of my dreams, please give me strength to live my life according to your will.  You know what is best for me and I trust you with all my heart.  

I do not know what is up ahead, but I believe you have something pprepared – far better than I deserve.  I can sense that today is something special…tomorrow is something wonderful…

And the future is one beautiful surprise.

I love you,