Through the silhouette of my happy tears,
I’ve walked the aisle of an enchanted dream,
I see not the stars falling like a curtain of rain,
Rather a dusk of wish from anyone but me coming true
Today is my day…my very day with YOU.
The trees brushed each crisp leaves,
Reaching and swaying to a wind’s song
Some falling and drifting through the season’s call,
Outside I can see it changing to its mystic view,
Inviting creatures from their hovel solace,
Uniting and binding TWO souls in the skies.
From inside – I felt so delicate…so fragile
With the world holding me to its crest,
Tossing and turning, I started to sink within,
What is happening today, must it be true?
Recalling each scene, I smiled nonchalantly,
One by one…the scenes moved like a grand design,
Seem like a limitless clarity of a fairy tale somehow.
As the tick of every second come to pass,
I clasped a hand back to a world of childhood realms,
Slowly, my senses tickle…my thoughts quiver,
To the depths of a cluttered garden of the beautiful rose garden,
I started to laugh at the way he was speaking,
I have to pinch myself just to keep believing,
I traced his face with my eyes
Taking notes of his lips with that wonderful smile.
My senses continued to run wild,
Those intense eyes staring back with purity of life
Lips that gently moved in grace of sincerity
Words coming out like a silent prayer of a journey with a voice of comfort
Hand in hand strongly holds a bond of faith and trust
In each others love, it feels safe and it fills a promise
For whatever comes…wherever it may lead US now or whenever…
Let it be my solemn vow… I DO!

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Written for friends for their wedding day
Feb 2012