Look up…

See the vastness of the blue blanket

Gaze at the cotton clouds form 

Search for the deep color of peace

And wrap yourself around in velvet hue.


Look on…

The sun rises to its subtled peak

The birds flock to reach and seek

The wind blowing gently on your cheek

And lull yourself to slumber deep.


Look back…

How you felt when you start to fly

Felt the goosebumps gather by

Your heart beat pulsating to a high



And your mind rushing through the mile.


Look forward…

Beneath that silver lining of your grief

Above lies a challenge may be steep

Beyond there awaits another hope, just believe 

Because you belong to the sky, it is where you smile so meek!


Written by:

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez


This is my birthday poem.