The call of the birds started to sound in resonance
The croaks of the frogs across the lake hummed in unison
The soft blow of the wind brushed a hymn of silence
The trees bend and swayed with their arms enfold
As the moon bade farewell to its rest
The sun rose to its place it felt like a song and a melody of a new beginning.

The dew caressed the leaves as it dropped from one to another
The smell of a winter’s morning fills an enchantment
The gush of the breeze tingled my senses
The softness of the light gently touching my skin
There in my solace, I peered thru my thoughts
To the depths of my being, I searched for something from a somewhere.

Beyond my dreams, I felt doubts..I felt my fears
In my faith, somehow I still craved for some disappointments
In my determination, I can sense faults and failures
In my confidence, seemed my self-esteem dropped to its lowest
That at a point in time my challenges may not be fought
That at some time my luck may have changed.

The thought of losing crept down my veins
The sound of defeat have drowned my spirit
The echoes of courage have become hallow
It blocked my grip for survival, showing my pitfalls
My inner strength is becoming reckless to indulge in my weakness
Then my hope has stumbled and a cry of despair challenged my sanity.

At such turmoil, I started to redirect my vision
In my grief, I tried to look and searched deeper
There I saw a light inviting for a reformation
I sketched thru my future with a guided will
I trimmed my weakness with another hope for one more dream
That this time my faith will have reserves and will be a purpose.

The magic of each creation may be tangling and uncertain, I reckoned
The spell of each discovery may be surprising or confusing, I thought
Yet the moments of an extraordinary life spelt a different word
The spurs of time became the memories to be cherished
The spontaneity of each passing day became values of a journey
That thru it all I still have so much to thank for and live by.

As I resigned back to my solitude, in my tranquility
I counted my blessings and ironed my optimism
I’ve realised, my pace just needed to slow down for a while
To notice the reasons and my existence
To log into the radical excerpts of a wonderful journey
That somewhere along the way, I may know you and then keep you.

As the world orbits the sun to its glory
As the day passes thru time and space
Here I am back again, in one cold winter morning
Reminiscing my seasons of laughter and tears
That after each day of either a joy or a pain, I have survived
Thru it all I have lived with a deep voice of love and loving.

Sometimes, I know I have to fail
Somewhere, I understand I have to fall
But somehow, I will learn and will gain a lesson
I will still dream, still have hope and continue to make wishes
Because I have you to believe in and to trust
That this time I shall stand and will fight to win again in the end.

For now, we may have parted ways and may have to leave
But remember, it’s only a presence and it’s just a physic
As spirits linger, there’s always a smile that remains in painting
In thoughts…in your heart I am to stay
Goodbyes are only said, for there will always be Hellos
If at any time and place, I am to meet you once again
It shall be a beginning and birth of another memory and another cycle
And it may be the same one winter morning again.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Written in December 2002