The sun starts to rise to its glory
The squirrels running towards the trees with nuts to bury
As birds in choir hum their morning song
Trees are dancing to the tune with branches swinging along
I tapped my feet, snapped my fingers created lyrics to the song
Come sing with me, and feel the rhythm and beat the gong.

Good morning sun, rising bright above the skies
Today has come, a time to seek our blessings high
Yesterday is past and tomorrow is meant for something new
Today is today, leaves are green…a smell of morning dew.

Fly high we go, dreams to find and grow
Faith and hope wrapped in my heart with love to sow
Amazing graces are sent to me with more blessings bind
With a lock and key, a treasure of true happiness to find.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Written in August 2010