Wish upon a setting sun, to its colour’s of mystical solace
A painted wonder in awe of the masterpiece’s charming face
The night’s apparition, a horizon coveting to its place
The glitter of lights, strikes a captive embrace
For the day breaks to the sunset’s welcome gaze.

Wish upon a moonlight, to its glow like bewildered jest
An enchanted refuge of a castle to its regal nest
The silver moon alluring to a craved comfort’s rest
Haunting beacon that sparks the shadowy crest
For the evening yearns to linger a moment’s request.

Wish upon a falling star, its twinkle and magical bid
A long for destiny, a true but surreal need
The mirage encompassing a safe haven for dream to heed
A radiant sparkle seizing the trembled faith whisper creed
For the dusk aspires the sanguine love’s promise sealed.

Wish upon the sunrise, its ascend flashed in sublime
An urge for a miracle, a daring hope inclined
The luminescent spirit, a clasp devotion bind
That brilliantly calls and clutching a faltered soul to shine
For the dawn has persisted and dared to valiantly climb.

Wish upon the new day, its a birth of the sun
A hunger for creation, a lustre of intuition began
The brightness of a sincere heart fastened with enjoined hands
The glare of sunbeam contain the toppled courage ends
For the cycle goes on like a wheel, a journey of another wish send.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
23 Mar 2011