When I’m missing you
I have my hand on my heart
I’d listen to every beat from the start
I’d close my eyes to make me feel
To see your face and see you smile for real.

When I’m missing you
I’d imagine tracing your face and sigh
Your eyes I’d be searching to drift me by
Your stare would be a comfort like I’m right next to you
With your soul reaching mine to carry me through.

When I’m missing you
I’d remember how we giggle and laugh
And when I do, I can’t help myself but hop
I’d hear you tell me off “Hey no hopping”
My heart just swears it is really your voice I’m missing.

When I’m missing you
I would listen and sing the love we keep
It’s the lullaby song you sing me to sleep
And tonight I lay in bed alone, I cry
I know I’ve promised no tears,
Darling I’m sorry I did try.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Dec 2010