Dewdrops filling the flowers in bloom
The cool breeze subtles the morning sun’s loom
Misty leaves shimmers when touched by its rays
The smell of freshness claiming the day.

The morning greets the earth with a smile
Just saying hello, how do you do and waving goodbye
Off for a day’s task and the morning’s rush
A day to fill an empty and half filled cups.

Whenever or however,  there is work to be done
For the sun continues to shine and soon will be gone
Just like the changing colours of the leaves from green, yellow, orange to crisp brown
Loking down at each passer-by with a sweet smile and never a frown.

As the day slowly filters to its own special accord
And the tasks are complete, the day’s rush is filled and endured
Just look up and watch the majestic sun setting above the orange sky
For a moment to cherish of how today has ended as time goes by.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Sept. 2010