If ever…
I meet you somewhere, someday, somehow
Your face will light up  with such tender avow
Your eyes will be looking – searching well for a mile
But all I will see is your gentle sweet smile.

If ever…
You say “Hello”  just once
I will be hearing your heart in every bounce
And when I say your name with a blush
Your stare will find my soul in a flash.

If ever…
The right words are hard to find
Silence shall hold our thoughts entwined
With every moment of laughter we steal to share
A time and space shall be seized to spare.

If ever…
There will come a time to a broken promise
Please think it is not the intention, I surmise
For the pain that you shall have and feel
Is the hurt I will keep that no one can heal.

If ever…
A day will become a view of tomorrow
Remember only time is there for us to borrow
For no matter what and no matter how every moment’s chance
You know where I am, a day you’ll be finding me again – in a moment’s glance.

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
Oct 2010