I woke up serene – in deep thoughts
The waking hour, a start of another day
The waking moment – a beginning of another challenge
The waking pause – a time to face with courage of what awaits me today .

In deep solitude – I started to ask, “Will I be able to make this?”
Reality bites, I said – maybe I will or maybe I won’t.
If I make it – it is all good and it’s going to feel great
And if I won’t? – Stuff it, I will do it again!

With courage and in high spirits – I took a step
With hope and inspiration – I took the stride
On a cutting edge I may fail today – but I won’t fall
With a cutting edge I can always take a lesson then say, “I can make it through on any given day.”

Anja-Mariela Gutierrez
written in June 2011